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To: Leader of the Victorian Liberal Party, Matthew Guy

Save our eggs-cellent public holiday

Thanks to Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to penalty rates, thousands of working people will have millions of dollars cut from their wages over the Easter long weekend.

Now Matthew Guy is also threatening to pinch precious downtime from hardworking Victorians by scrapping the Easter Sunday Public Holiday, because he can’t stand the idea of working Victorians receiving public holiday rates for the day.

Matthew Guy and the Liberals must commit to protecting public holidays.

Why is this important?

The Easter Sunday public holiday is a chance for hard-working Victorians to enjoy a much-needed break and quality time with family and friends.

Others won't be so fortunate and they will spend Easter Sunday making our coffees, caring for the ill, pouring our pints and cleaning our hotel rooms.

They deserve to be fairly compensated for missing valuable time with family and friends.




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