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To: WA State Government and Federal Opposition leader Bill Shorten

Equal Pay and Conditions for all WA Bus Drivers

Equal Pay and Conditions for all WA Bus Drivers

Perth Bus drivers are calling on State and Federal Governments to change the rules for fair and equal pay and conditions across the three contracts that divide the Transperth bus services in Perth.

Bus drivers continue to face a spade of antisocial behaviour, including getting spat on, getting rocks thrown at their vehicles and abused.
This has made driving buses a risky occupation.

Drivers should be compensated adequately for the community service they perform, including getting you to work on time, getting your kids to school on time and important sporting events, each and every day.

Why is this important?

This is important because the three bus companies that operate Transperth Bus services in Perth do not get paid the same rate.

Bus drivers need community support for a fair and equal system.
Same job, same rate of pay.

Reasons for signing

  • I value fairness and equity for all.
  • Public transit is the backbone of a functioning working class and drivers shouldn't be treated as less than important assets to society
  • Doing equal work so should get equal pay.


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