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To: Gillon McLachlan - AFL CEO

Equal Pay for Equal Play

Provide health insurance and income protection for players in the Women's AFL.

Pay all players in the Women's League a wage that:
- reflects true hours of work expected of them, including match day bonuses and AFL media work
- ensures that players are receiving a living wage that will allow them to perform to the best of their ability
- is in line with the Men's League's minimum wage

Why is this important?

I'm a lifelong Bulldogs fan and I'm so excited for the new professional women's AFL league, but by offering such measly pay rates for women players, the AFL is preventing women from training and playing as equal professionals.

While rookie male players can live off their wages, rookie women will have to work another job.

I want the league to support the women players the way any employer should: by providing a safe working environment and decent wages and conditions.

Paying a women’s team playing list of 26 players the AFL’s minimum for a rookie would cost just under $1.5 million dollars per season, or just 14.5% of the current total player payment for the men’s teams.

These women will be role models: The AFL should show that they value women players by paying professional wages, and protecting the players from being chewed up and spat out if they are injured.



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