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To: Monash University: ATS2084, Ancient Mythologies Quiz Assessment Conditions.

Extending ATS2084 Quiz Time.

This campaign has ended.

A large proportion of students completing the ATS2084 unit have requested that the conditions of the quiz assessments are adjusted to ensure they are fairer for students.
1. We believe the time that the quizzes are open should be extended from 3 days to 7 days, to ensure students who work full time and have other essential commitments (such as children, carer commitments,etc.) outside of university have a fair opportunity to complete the quiz, instead of completing the quiz at unusual times in the early AM or extremely late PM.
2. We believe that completing an eighteen question quiz in ten minutes is not enough time to comprehend and answer every question. If the test time can be extended to eighteen minutes, students will have a better chance to complete the quiz to the best of their ability.

Why is this important?

This petition has been requested by multiple students completing ATS2084 as a way to alert the ATS2084 teaching team that we wish for fairer circumstances. In no way is this petition meant to detriment the quality of teaching of the ATS2084 teaching team. We only want a fairer opportunity to complete the quizzes to the best of our ability.
Quizzes are an important element of assessment and can help determine the overall grading of a unit.



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