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To: CEO Bill Coulter & Board of Ballina RSL Club

Demand fair negotiation of hours at Ballina RSL

Workers at Ballina RSL Club demand a fair and transparent negotiation of their working conditions.

The Club says they are restructuring due to the pandemic, however they failed to show a significant downturn in business (as needed to claim JobKeeper). Union members are committed to collectively working with the Club to ensure a sustainable solution.

RSL's have an Australian legacy of shared struggle and mateship - they are supposed to band together during a crisis. But the way they are treating their loyal staff is shameful.

Ballina RSL Club must sit down with their workers and negotiate a fair outcome.

Why is this important?

Ballina RSL Club management marched workers in to meetings and demanded they accept 80% cuts to take their home pay. The Club gave some workers barely 24hrs notice to accept these devastating cuts, or face the sack.

The Club expects workers to pay their mortgage, bills, and groceries on less $200 wages per week. Is that fair?

These workers have served the Club for decades, but within a week have been told to accept poverty wages or lose their job.

This Club brings in millions of dollars in pokies revenue, but expects its workers to live on less than $30 per day.

Sign to show your support for Ballina RSL Club workers.


Reasons for signing

  • This is bloody robbery, nothing short. Disgraceful.
  • This is so wrong and could happen to anyone working in the Hospitality Industry


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