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To: Mayor Lambros Tapinos

Fair Parking Moreland

Fair Parking Moreland

The parking policy amendment that council has endorsed is unfair. We demand that you and your fellow councillors vote to postpone any further implementation of Amendment C183 and sign the Fair Parking Pledge.

Why is this important?

Fair Parking Moreland is a community organisation that is committed to repealing the punitive parking changes being enacted by Moreland City Council, and ensuring that the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy includes fair parking provisions that work for all residents.

As they stand, the current policy impacts negatively on people with a disability, carers, older people, students and low wage workers. Parking in affected areas will be limited to 2 hours right up until 11 pm. People in houses will be able to buy parking permits valid only for their own street - and developments built after August 2011 won't be eligible at all!

Staff in schools, childcare, aged care, health and retail businesses won’t be able to park near work. Residents won’t be able to have dinner parties longer than 2 hours.

People will risk fines for everyday activities like taking their children to sport, having coffee with a friend after shopping, or waiting a bit too long for the doctor.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the signatures by hand and present them to the Mayor and Councillors at the Council Meeting on the 17th of March.

Reasons for signing

  • I work in the municipality
  • Support community
  • totally ridiculous!! If council had actually consulted the residents (whom they’re meant to represent) then we wouldn’t be having this conversation - because we would have used our voice and told them where to stick this proposal. For the record I would have been in favour of some limited parking restrictions where appropriate - as long as it had no impact on actual residents going about their daily lives - or customers shopping at / supporting local businesses!


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1,000 signatures reached

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400 signatures in 3 days!!!

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Congratulations - we've just hit 150 signatures in 8 hours! Make sure you share on social media - every single signature counts!

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