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To: Ambulance Victoria & The Victorian State Government

Fair Pay for Ambulance Mechanics!

Fleet Maintenance Officers (FMOs) in rural Victoria work tirelessly to ensure Ambulance Victoria's vehicles are prepared for emergencies 24/7. Despite facing challenging 2 am callouts, our dedication to saving lives remains strong.

Currently negotiating with Ambulance Victoria, we're advocating for fair pay aligned with other emergency services mechanics, career progression through Increments 3, 6 & 9, and increased staffing levels crucial to our role.

Our vital work often goes unrecognised, and we need your support!

Stand with us by signing our petition, urging Ambulance Victoria & The Vic Government to acknowledge and respect the indispensable contribution of FMOs to community safety.

Why is this important?

In the heart of rural Victoria, our Fleet Maintenance Officers (FMOs) are the unsung heroes ensuring that Ambulance Victoria's vehicles are ready to respond to emergencies 24/7. We're the ones working weekends and late nights, facing 2 am callouts to get a truck unstuck on the side of the road or animal strikes and the truck breakdowns.

Our purpose and dedication is unwavering, because we understand the critical role we play in saving lives. Without FMOs, Ambulance Victoria paramedics wouldn't have the reliable fleet they need to serve our communities.

Many won’t know that in that in 2001 with 22 FMO’s we serviced 272 vehicles and now in 2023, 22 FMO’s are responsible for 755 vehicles. That's a 177% increase of vehicle volume, let alone managing the increased complexities of technology.

Yet, our efforts often go unnoticed, and Ambulance Victoria isn't recognizing the vital work we do. We've been in negotiations, urging them to embrace much-needed changes, and progress is slow to none.

Here's what we're fighting for:

- A fair pay increase that aligns with other emergency services mechanics.
- Career progression through Increments 3, 6 & 9.
- Adequate staffing levels to meet the demands of our crucial role.

We are a close-knit and dedicated team, and now, we're reaching out to all Ambulance Victoria staff and the broader Victorian community for support.

How You Can Help:

Join us in making our voices heard! Sign our petition to stand with FMOs and support our bargaining claims. Your signature will send a clear message to the Victorian Government that our work is invaluable and deserves respect.

Can we count on you to back us up?

Together, we can ensure that FMOs receive the recognition and support we need to continue serving our community with the highest level of dedication.

Thank you for standing with us!
Victoria, Australia

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