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To: Justin Hemmes

Fair Pay for Merivale Staff: Terminate the 'Zombie' agreement now!!

Fair Pay for Merivale Staff: Terminate the 'Zombie' agreement now!!

We’re Maddie and Mackenzie. We have worked at Merivale’s Coogee Pavilion for two years and have been denied fair pay.

Join our fight to make sure rich-lister Justin Hemmes and his Merivale pubs, restaurants and nightclubs pay their workers properly.

We are thousands of dollars worse off because Merivale has been taking advantage of young workers.

No more. Young workers are standing up for their rights.

Sign our petition! Join the union!

Why is this important?

Thousands of workers at Merivale have been trapped on a “zombie” workplace agreement that is almost ten years old.

The deal means thousands of workers are left without penalty rates for evening and weekend work.

That’s right: we’re paid the same rate whether we am working at 1pm on Monday afternoon or 2am on Sunday morning.

Young workers like us have lost thousands of dollars compared to what we could have earned under the award.

Even worse, Merivale did not even live up to its own agreement and workers have been underpaid thousands of dollars.

It’s not right, it’s not fair, and we’re not taking it! We’ve hit the media and, together, we’re taking action to demand fair pay!

Sign our petition! Join the union!

Reasons for signing

  • Status confirmed: I have: read, approved of, supported, signed, and shared this cause, campaign, daily action, and petition. These actions were taken upon Sunday, the 03rd of March 2019. This information has been typed for record(s) maintenance purpose(s). O:-|
  • I have worked for this company going on 5 years and would love to get all the money I lost due to un fair pay
  • Because as mentioned it is un-just agreement.


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