To: The Mayor, Ballina Shire Council

Footpaths For Teven Road

Footpaths For Teven Road

Due to footpaths either being absent or incomplete, the residents of Alstonville are forced to walk on the busy Teven Road. This is a safety issue and an accident waiting to happen. We call on the Mayor to, as a matter of urgency, prioritise the building of footpaths along the length of Teven Road from Greenie Avenue to Ballina Road, Alstonville.

Why is this important?

Children, people walking dogs, people on mobility scooters and pedestrian in general are being put to at risk as they are forced to walk on this busy major road, in many instances around parked cars into the line of traffic.

How it will be delivered

Stage a press conference.

Alstonville NSW 2477, Australia

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