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To: Health Minister Sussan Ley

Forget the survey - Save Medicare!

Forget the survey - Save Medicare!

We want to ensure our healthcare system remains in public hands. The government is currently collecting responses for a survey on whether or not Australians would like private health insurers to cover GP care, pathology and radiology tests like X-rays.
We're concerned that this survey is just a ruse in order to bring about more privatisation and we want our public health system to put patients before profits.
We call on the Health Minister to commit to protecting our public healthcare system and to rule out any further privatisation.

Why is this important?

Health care is a universal right and should be about patient care, not profit. The Ministers' survey is a smokescreen designed to push for further privatisation and erosion of Medicare.
We will all suffer if health care becomes a race to the bottom only focused on the bottom line.

Reasons for signing

  • We had a health system that was one of the best in the world. Now the government is sneakily doing their best to get rid of it. Universal health care should be a basic human right for all. Please sign!
  • If the government did not sell off Australia's resources to the rich and foreign countries, it would have enough money to take care of its citizens, as they can in Scandinavia.
  • Government must retain responsibility for essential social services. Healthcare is a primary social service. Privatisation and corporatisation of services like healthcare is simply government shirking its responsibility. Public as opposed to private systems put people ahead of profit and everyone can access the care they need not just those who are wealthy or have access to reasonable incomes.


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