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To: Kmart DC

Give me my job back

Give me my job back!

Why is this important?

I’ve been a loyal worker in Kmart’s Truganina Distribution Centre for over two and a half years. Even though I was engaged through a labour-hire company as a casual, the work was regular and reliable.
I get on well with my co-workers and manager, and have never had any problems or disciplinary issues at work. I am in my 50s, with a family and the regular work at Kmart has meant a lot to me because it can be hard for older workers to find employment.
I thought that after years of hard work and good service this was a steady job and I organised with Kmart to take my first holiday in years, even though I knew this was unpaid because I’m a casual.
After my well-earned break, which was approved by my employer, I did not hear from Kmart about shifts.
When I called them, I was shocked to be told there was no more work and that I would need to return my security pass.
When I tried to find out why, I was told that there was no more work, even though since that time Kmart has engaged a number of new casual labour-hire employees in roles I could easily be performing.
I want to go back to work at Kmart.
200 of my co-workers have already signed a petition on site to ask Kmart to bring me back to work, but the company has refused to listen to them.
Because of my status as an agency casual, I am left in a legal limbo – despite my service I have no legal claim to reinstatement, even though I have been sacked for taking a holiday, which would be illegal if it happened to a permanent worker.
This has left me feeling stressed, has been hard on my family and I just want to go back to work at Kmart.




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