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To: Kmart DC

Give me my job back

Give me my job back!

Why is this important?

I’ve been a loyal worker in Kmart’s Truganina Distribution Centre for over two and a half years. Even though I was engaged through a labour-hire company as a casual, the work was regular and reliable.
I get on well with my co-workers and manager, and have never had any problems or disciplinary issues at work. I am in my 50s, with a family and the regular work at Kmart has meant a lot to me because it can be hard for older workers to find employment.
I thought that after years of hard work and good service this was a steady job and I organised with Kmart to take my first holiday in years, even though I knew this was unpaid because I’m a casual.
After my well-earned break, which was approved by my employer, I did not hear from Kmart about shifts.
When I called them, I was shocked to be told there was no more work and that I would need to return my security pass.
When I tried to find out why, I was told that there was no more work, even though since that time Kmart has engaged a number of new casual labour-hire employees in roles I could easily be performing.
I want to go back to work at Kmart.
200 of my co-workers have already signed a petition on site to ask Kmart to bring me back to work, but the company has refused to listen to them.
Because of my status as an agency casual, I am left in a legal limbo – despite my service I have no legal claim to reinstatement, even though I have been sacked for taking a holiday, which would be illegal if it happened to a permanent worker.
This has left me feeling stressed, has been hard on my family and I just want to go back to work at Kmart.


Reasons for signing

  • The exploitation of casual workers is becoming an increasing problem in Australia, leaving people with less job security and feelings of anxiety and stress. This is disgusting and disrespectful behaviour by a powerful corporation against someone at the bottom of the supply chain who has done nothing wrong.
  • Casual workers are treated shabbily by many employers, but it is particularly disturbing when large companies show so little respect towards loyal employees. Employers have a duty of care to all their employees to ensure that they are treated fairly, even those who happen to be casual.
  • I've done casual work through a labour-hire company and I understand the uncertainty of continued employment and the fear of taking holidays or time off sick


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