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To: Vice Chancellor Rufus Black (UTAS) and State operations Manager Darryl Milling (Wilson)

Give UTAS security Guards their jobs back now!

This campaign has ended.

Reinstate the 3 United Voice members who were long-term employees based at UTAS.

Why is this important?

Despite previous assurances from UTAS, three United Voice members and long-term employees of Spotless working at UTAS have lost their jobs due to a contract change to Wilson. They are to be replaced with new guards who do not know the site, the clients or the students.

Combined, these Security Officers have worked at UTAS for over 20 years.
They have dedicated a huge part of their working lives to UTAS, they have worked above and beyond to deliver a secure university for UTAS students and staff. As of yesterday, they were informed that they would not be employed by incoming contractor Wilson. When they asked why they were not successful they were not given a reason.
3 guards are now without jobs they can count on
3 guards have been unfairly dismissed without any legal recourse.
3 families will struggle to pay bills, rent and mortgages
3 families face an uncertain future.
UTAS need to take responsibility for the decisions they made 20 years ago to outsource security which has ultimately led to the dismissal of 4 dedicated, competent workers.
UTAS has a responsibility to ensure all workers at UTAS are given a job they can count on.



2018-09-28 16:21:25 +1000

Positive news! We are heading in the right direction. Luke has been offered casual employment. However, that is not a job he can count on so the fight will continue until he, Jo and Teresa have permanent employment like all the other security officers

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