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To: Michael Hannan, CEO

Hands off our Ovato agreement!

Ovato is one of Australia's largest print and packaging companies.

When COVID-19 hit, Ovato workers bent over backwards to support the company. Workers took a 40% cut in their hours before JobKeeper came in to help the company get through.

Ovato has repaid this by betraying their workers and applying to have their agreement terminated - ripping away workers' pay and conditions and forcing them back to the Award.

It's an absolute disgrace. Ovato should withdraw their termination immediately and negotiate in good faith.

Why is this important?

Ovato workers have fought long and hard to secure the pay and conditions they have on site.

Some Ovato employees have been with the company for over thirty years.

Workers have been doing their best to support the company through the pandemic, agreeing to reduce their hours in good faith, only for the company to turn around and attack their pay and conditions.

Workers are feeling angry, betrayed, and lied to. They've been let down by a company they gave their loyalty to.



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