To: Department of Health

Health and safety risk of Registered Nurses in Aged care

1: National Aged Care Mandatory Quality Indicator Program: Psychotropic Medications record in Aged care homes: Department of Health and Aging has implemented 3 monthly data from aged care homes. I do not understand why only in aged care based on the following reason.

a) Why only aged care homes: Most of the clients in aged care homes are commenced on antidepressants, antipsychotic medications long time before they are living in community. I am excited to get the answer, How does the Aged care commission received the data every 3 months from clients living in the community.

b) How could they expect Registered Nurse to maintain this Data every three months in aged care when there is 1:50 or 100 clients ratio of Registered Nurse in aged care. The expectation is for Registered nurse to review these medications every three months? Aged care commission has no idea how much workload they have implemented on Nurses. Technically this is the GPs Job to review these medications and Not RN.

c) Did someone in Aged care Quality commission ever thought how much physical and emotional stress they have implemented ion Nurses with Psychotropic medication data collection in Aged care. How could you expect 1 or 2 person to review these medications on top of their routine clinical work.

d) Because of your requirements The approved providers are throwing all this unnecessary workload on Registered Nurses, and obviously unexpected expectations can not be achieved and Nursed are threatened to be reported to AHPRA, WHICH IS UNFARE.

e) Most of the Clients who actually needs any antipsychotic medications for their genuine needs as depression, anxiety other mental health diagnosis are avoided to reduce the paperwork the nurses have to do. Due to this the clients will suffer. On a average every second resident is on antipsychotic medication for their genuine needs.

f) This is the responsibility of Aged care quality commission to monitor the use of chemical restraints, however they declined by saying that the National Aged care Mandatory Quality Indicator program is not their responsibility and they have no say into it. I have approached them last week. There is a difference between chemical restraints and prescribed medications for genuine health conditions.

No one from any health authorities is taking the responsibilities of the wellbeing of Nurses, which is very disappointing.

My understanding is that this is your responsibility to check the aged care facility when conducting the site audit to make sure that the clients on any Psychotropic medication is not a chemical restraint and if "yes" what is the other non pharmaceutical interventions are in place to assist clients with their behaviour management. I am really worried that if you do not stop this unnecessary workload, the GP and Nurses will not recommend these medication for the clients who actually needs this, as antidepressants, anti anxiety. This will be very unfair for the clients as well.

I highly recommend that this should be reviewed and stopped immediately until someone in Aged care quality commission understand/implement realistic process.

Same with Pressure Area Data: Recently implemented 3 monthly data collection of Clients with Pressure injuries without understanding the workload/ratio of nurses: clients. Again another unrealistic expectations. If you are really concerned about the pressure injuries in Aged care, visit those sites and review yourself. This is not a rocket sign to go on the site and check how many pressure injuries site has, and what is implemented to address those issues. This also should be stopped immediately. And if the approved provider is not able to provide appropriate care, then they should be responsible for the consequences and not the Registered Nurse (if applicable).

And lastly please review your policies, procedures and work instructions before implementing them. Look at the available resources.

Recent Data shows that Aged care Registered Nurses are working under so much pressure causing emotional and physical illness. And somehow Department of Health and Aged care quality commission is also responsible for Registered Nurses Health and safety.

Why is this important?

For the health and safety of registered nurses in Aged care