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To: Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Immediately transfer all refugee children and their families from Nauru to Australia

We demand that you immediately order all refugee children, their families and others seeking asylum be transferred from Nauru and brought to Australia.

As teachers, educational leaders, and support staff in schools, preschools and TAFE we cannot stand by when we know children on Nauru continue to be traumatised by remaining there.

The treatment of these innocent refugee children is anathema to our professional ethics and the care with which we support the learning and welfare of our students every day. These refugee children are our nation’s responsibility and we must act to ensure that their suffering ceases immediately and that they have access to the education, medical care, and safe future that they deserve.

As educators we understand that young children are incredibly vulnerable and need to be in a stable, structured learning environment. We know how critically important it is for young children to have the opportunity to attend school.

These children are innocent victims who deserve proper access to an education and a safe future.

For the children’s sake, act now.

Why is this important?

Scott Morrison has the power to immediately end the suffering of refugee children, their families and others seeking asylum who are stuck in limbo on Nauru.

They are being further traumatised every day that he refuses to not act in their interests. As a nation we cannot stand by and allow innocent children on Nauru continue to live in misery which prevents them from accessing a future all children deserve.

The Prime Minister must stop putting his own political interests ahead of the welfare of those asylum seekers who rely on us to give them hope and safety.

As educators we owe it to these children to put our full support behind them and tell the federal Liberal government to act with humanity and compassion, not hatred and division.

By signing the letter to the Prime Minister you can stand with educators around Australia demanding that Scott Morrison acts.


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