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To: Fair Work Commission

Improve R&R for Construction Workers

We request that you agree to the CFMEU's proposed award variations to improve the minimum award conditions for workers living away from home.

Why is this important?

Many building and Construction workers spend long periods working away from home. This can badly affect the workers and their families. The CFMEU has made an application to vary the Building and Construction General On-site Award to improve the minimum standards to apply for workers engaged on distant jobs. The award sets the minimum standards that underpin EBA’s. The main changes we seek are:

• R and R after 3 weeks work on the job, where the project is to run for more than 2 months;
• Minimum of 7 days at home on R and R (exclusive of travel days);
• Single room accommodation and same room for duration of the job (no motelling)
• Employers not to put pressure on workers to give a false address (i.e. no pressure for gate starts)
• Increase the minimum payment to $130 per day where no accommodation or meals are provided.

Please support the changes.


Reasons for signing

  • 4/1 is not conducive to balanced mental health !
  • working away sucks,at Ieast make the downtime bearabIe
  • If its good enough for federal politicians to receive accommodation subsidies free car transport when in Canberra free flights to and from parliament a superannuation scheme the workers can only dream of then its fair enough that when my children leave their families they be better compensated for that which they loose and can never regain "Family life quality time with their spouses and children"


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