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To: Independents and minor parties of Commonwealth Parliament

Its time. Call a Covid election.

Dear cross bencher, the response of the Morrison government to the pandemic has been scandalously inept. An election needs to be called. The Covid timelines are too short to wait for an election. The nation needs to vote on whether it trusts the Morrison government to keep us safe. You must use every parliamentary tactic available to you to stymie government legislation and force an election.

Why is this important?

The failure of Australia's Covid-19 response has been the greatest public policy failure in our nations history. Eighteen months into the pandemic and the nation is still in lockdown, we have the lowest vaccination rate in the OECD and millions of workers cannot get a vaccine. The Prime Minister and Health Minister have made announcement after announcement but taken very few concrete steps to making our community safer. It is safe to say Australia's Covid response has been scandalously bad. We need a Covid election. Lives count on it and Morrison is not up to the job.


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