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To: Minister Rob Stokes, NSW Minister for Planning and Public Spaces

Keep our schools safe

It’s more important than ever that your school is cleaned thoroughly.

Please take a moment to stand up for your kid’s health and the cleanliness of the school.

Tell the NSW Government it needs to:
• Permanently maintain the enhanced cleaning they've implemented to manage COVID-19.
• Ensure if cleaners are quarantined or a school gets closed they get paid leave.
• Ensure cleaners have specialist personal protection equipment.
• Reverse cuts that are planned to happen right now.

Why is this important?

School cleaners don’t have enough time to do their job because of cuts to cleaning hours by the NSW Government.

Cleaners want to ensure your kids are safe but simply don’t have enough time to do the job they want to do.

The NSW Government implemented "enhanced cleaning" in March. This extra cleaning has now been extended until the end of Term 3, contingent on "health advice". It could be pulled at any time and is essential to keeping schools safe and clean, regardless of COVID-19. Cleaners believe that enhanced cleaning is what's needed to keep the school community safe all the time. Enhanced cleaning is the bare minimum, not an extra. The NSW Government needs to maintain current cleaning levels permanently.




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