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To: Will Hodgman, Premier of Tasmania


Tasmania’s internationally renowned and sustainable salmon farming industry is under attack from noisy activists and rich businessmen who are spreading misinformation about salmon farming.

‘Fake news’ is damaging the reputation of Tasmanian aquaculture products.

Please let Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman know that aquaculture jobs are too important to be held to ransom by a noisy minority.

Why is this important?

Tasmania’s salmon industry supports 5,000 jobs across the state – and most are in regional areas where jobs are already hard to come by.

The Salmon industry has the potential to support many more local Tassie families, if it has the support of government.

Demand for seafood will more than double over the next 15 years, which is a huge opportunity for our state.

Tasmania produces environmentally sustainable salmon, employing unionised workers with quality jobs.

But all this is at risk, if politicians give in to the anti-fish fanatics – it could mean thousands of Tasmanians will lose their livelihoods.

Too much is at stake. Send this letter to the Tasmanian Premier to show your support for keeping Salmon jobs in Tassie.



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