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To: Redland City Council

Keep the Parrots at Pinklands

We request Redland City Council to retain the Redlands Rugby League Club at their Pinklands Recreational Reserve, our Home for decades with a 20-year extension to the existing lease that has 2 years remaining.

Why is this important?

The Club’s ability to plan for its future is at stake without the certainty of a 20 year lease. Redlands Rugby League Club is a proud Club with a long history at the Pinklands Recreation Reserve and we want to protect our viability, history and heritage. Our community supports its future at the Pinklands site and our voices should be heard.

The Redland City Council have approved a Redlands Coast Regional Sports Master Plan that contains the potential for our Redlands Rugby League Club to be relocated to the Master Planned Heinemann Road Mt Cotton site. This would see a potential 35% reduction in Club membership and destruction of our heritage.

We are calling on our community to support our call to Redland City Council to keep the Redlands Rugby League Club at the Pinklands Recreational Reserve into the future.



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