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To: • The Hon Scott Morrison, Prime Minister • The Hon Senator Anne Rushton, Minister for Families and Social Services • The Hon Stuart Robert MP Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Minister for Government Services

Keep the Rate

Keep the Rate

The Australian Unemployed Workers Union calls on the Federal Government to keep the Jobseeker rate permanently at the current doubled rate of Jobseeker plus coronavirus supplement.

In addition we call for all other social security payments (including the Aged Pension and DSP) to be raised to at least the base rate of the increased Jobseeker payment.

Why is this important?

More than a million people are estimated to have become unemployed in March and April, because of public health measures to stop the spread of coronavirus.
On 27th April 2020 the government began paying the “COVID 19 Supplement” to people receiving Jobseeker (previously Newstart) payments, Parenting Payment and Youth Allowance.
This is the first increase of these payments for 26 years.
The government has confirmed that the COVID-19 supplement is temporary and will end in October 2020.
If the Jobseeker payment reduces in 6 months, new claimants and people previously trying to survive on the low rate will be facing a dire situation.
Politicians from both sides of Parliament, independents, business groups and welfare organisations have called for the increase to extend beyond six months, citing the increased unemployment rate and the uncertain effect of the pandemic on the economy.
Please support the AUWU’s call to #KeepTheRate


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