• It's Time For A 30 hr Week
    I am a union member and believe in economic justice. The workers of Melbourne are facing an unprecedented global economic downturn not of their making which is leading to job losses. The more job losses we have the more the economy shrinks. We need more jobs to fight off the recession and reducing the working week will create jobs. The New Economics Foundation (NEF) in Sweden, argue there are at least 10 good reasons to reduce the working week and it doesn't harm the economy, in fact it has a positive effect by creating; 1. A smaller carbon footprint 2. A stronger economy 3. Better employees 4. Lower unemployment 5. Improved wellbeing 6. More equality between men and women 7. Higher quality, affordable childcare 8. More time for families, friends and neighbours 9. Making more of later life 10. A stronger democracy Unemployment is one of the greatest crimes for a society, it creates untold misery and poverty. Our communities deserve better, fight for a reduced working week.
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    Created by Helen Whooley
  • Tell General Pants Co: Long term casuals deserve JobKeeper!
    There are hundreds of General Pants staff across Australia who are missing out on JobKeeper, despite being eligible according to the Australian Tax Office.  These workers are long term casuals, with regular shifts and patterns of employment. Some of these workers have worked at General Pants Co for six years. This is a common story, a few weeks ago we heard a similar story from Cotton On workers and David Jones. Both of those companies have now included all eligible casual workers. Why haven’t General Pants Co? We've set-up this action so you can email CEO Sacha Laing directly, letting him know you support these workers and that he should too.
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  • Open the Books: Financial Transparency at the University of Melbourne
    The University has made clear that it intends to carry out restructuring which will see workers across the University made redundant, and has made no promises to retain casual and fixed-term staff, hundreds of whom have already lost their jobs. Senior management have not made the case that any of these job cuts are necessary and should open up their books so that the university community can see the real extent of the financial crisis. This is key information that staff and union representatives need in order to fully assess any change plans proposed by the University.
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    Created by NTEU Victoria
    Will you join the fight to save hospitality jobs before it’s too late? Join us today and add your voice as we call on the Morrison Government to protect hospo jobs and provide a secure income by: 1. Immediately extending JobKeeper until hospitality gets back on its feet 2. Expanding JobKeeper to ALL hospitality workers regardless of employment or visa status. 3. Lifting the rate of JobSeeker so that those that who lose their jobs aren’t forced into poverty while finding another job JOIN YOUR CAMPAIGN TODAY TO PROTECT & REBUILD HOSPO!
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    Created by United Workers Union hospo workers
  • Don’t let the Morrison Government Ruin our Retirement
    For years now, members of the Morrison Government have been campaigning against industry super and using the cover of Coronavirus, they are planning to take a sledgehammer to workers’ retirement savings. More than two million Australians were forced to raid their superannuation just to get by throughout the crisis, and hundreds of thousands of Australians are now out of work. A generation of workers’ retirements are at risk if the Government succeeds in kicking the ladder out from under them. Australian unions won superannuation for it to be the best retirement income system in the world. We need to protect these hard won gains and strengthen our superannuation system to match the modern economy.
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    Created by Matt Burke
  • Stop the Fee Hikes on Social and Community Services Degrees!
    The Social and Community Services sector is growing and will be vital to supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community in the COVID recovery and as we enter a recession. The sector relies on a pipeline of Social Work and related degree graduates to fill critical roles in its workforce. The workforce is predominantly a female workforce and low-paid. Already, there are workforce shortages in this essential sector. The Government’s proposed fee increases in Social Work and related fields will only further exacerbate these workforce shortages – in both recruitment and retention – that exist in this critical sector. It will disproportionately impact women who work in this sector, creating barriers for both entry and career advancement. The Government’s proposed fee increases for these degrees also overlooks recent State and Commonwealth Government initiatives or inquiries that have set or recommended minimum degree standards for employment in the social assistance sector.
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    Created by Australian Services Union
  • Introduce a Federal Job Guarantee
    Australian's deserve the right to work a useful job at decent pay and conditions. The Jobkeeper program is a failure. Millions of Australians are missing out. A further 1.6 million Jobseeker recipients are being forced into the broken and punitive employment services system. And on September 24, all Jobseeker and Job keeper recipients - at least 5 million people - will be thrown into poverty when Jobkeeper and the Job seeker coronavirus supplement expire. The obvious to solution is to offer everyone useful work at decent pay and conditions. There is plenty of work to do. We have unmet needs across almost every community in this country. Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) clearly shows that there is no economic barrier preventing the Morrison government implementing a job guarantee. Its a political choice. Sign this petition and join our campaign demanding that the Morrison government introduce federal job guarantee. For more information see below links. Alan Kohler, 'Government should guarantee jobs as the employer of last resort', The Australian: https://unemployedworkersunion.com/government-should-guarantee-jobs-as-the-employer-of-last-resort/ Alan Kohler Interview with MMT expert Professor Stephanie Kelton: https://www.eurekareport.com.au/investment-news/why-government-deficits-dont-matter/147633?fbclid=IwAR18B1qCfeAKr56bYnt61LcIPBwzDxc1V-C9DKhcmrYbzaBRGj4AabWywPE Alan Kohler Interview with MMT expert Professor Bill Mitchell: http://bilbo.economicoutlook.net/blog/?p=44603
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    Created by Australian Unemployed Workers Union Picture
  • Coronavirus: Extend JobKeeper and JobSeeker
    This crisis isn’t over. Far from it. The JobKeeper end date is fast approaching and working people are facing the prospect of the economic trapdoor opening up underneath them as more companies and organisations start to announce job losses in anticipation of JobKeeper being switched off in September. JobKeeper needs to be extended and expanded to cover workers in higher education, early childhood education, the arts, aviation, casuals who might have less than 12 months service, visa workers who were invited here and are now trapped. By signing our petition, you can let the government know that if we are all in this together as they claim, it needs to provide JobKeeper to all those that need. The old JobSeeker rate was a poverty trap and Australian’s have always deserved more than $40 a day. It was never enough to live and there can be no going back to that kind of starvation payment. With nearly 1 million people unemployed, but the reality that there is almost an additional 700,000 who’ve given up looking for work because there are no jobs, ordinary Australians are dealing with both economic hardship and a loss of faith in the future. JobSeeker should be permanently lifted because it provides people with a chance to pay their bills, put food on the table and not struggle trapped in poverty. We need to give all Australian a sense of hope and security. Without extending these supports millions of Australians will suffer as the economy falls over the September cliff, jobs are destroyed and incomes are thrown back to poverty levels. You can do your bit by signing this petition and demanding that Scott Morrison leaves no worker to navigate this crisis alone.
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  • Help the AEU save TAFE!
    The Australian Education Union understands the importance of TAFE and the education services it offers. TAFE can provide not only education but also opportunity and purpose. TAFE has helped countless apprentices learn their trade, helped immigrants settle into new communities, helped locals advance their careers, helped school leavers find a pathway to employment or further education and offered a fresh start to people who have lost their job. As Victoria looks to rebuild from the COVID-19 pandemic, TAFE can play a crucial role in helping those that have lost their job to upskill or learn a new craft so they can move into new roles. Unfortunately, the current financial state of TAFEs means these important institutions and the passionate educators that drive them face an uncertain future. We need the Victorian Government to step in and guarantee that TAFEs will survive the pandemic. We need to save TAFE once and for all.
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  • Sack wage thieves from the Government's business advisory group
    The billion-dollar pub empire run by Justin Hemmes uses a sophisticated system that records every single hour of unpaid work and stolen wages. These records have been provided to media and the courts. Workers have told of the toll this took on their lives, with one saying he “felt like a slave”. Another chef became so physically unwell from the long hours that his doctor ordered him to stop working. Chefs, kitchen hands, waiters, and many others have been ripped off. But with the economy in recession, Liberal Government Treasurers turned to Justin Hemmes for advice. Justin hemmes - the man who got rich from wage theft - should be kicked off the Government's business advisory board immediately.
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    Created by Unions NSW
  • URGENT: Fund Our Community Services
    After 12 months of drought, floods, fires and pandemic our community services are needed more than ever. We cannot afford a cut to our sector, we cannot go backwards. We are busier and working harder than ever. The sector has been agile, resourceful, and dedicated. Our services support the most vulnerable members of the community – and in extremely challenging times we have been there for the community. If services do not receive sufficient funding indexation urgently it will have a detrimental impact on their ability to deliver services to the community. We can't afford to be overlooked again.
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  • Stop the Fee Hikes Dan!
    Changes like these may end up oversaturating the job market in areas such as nursing, where even more students will be left without a job when they graduate. Lowering the cost of tertiary education for some shouldn't come at the cost of access to others - particularly when a fee increase will disproportionately affect low SES and first in family students. For some students, studying maths or science degrees just isn't an option for them due to where they live, their secondary education or physical inaccessibility of STEMM courses. To make them pay more because of reasons out of their control isn't just unfair - it's discriminatory.
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    Created by Molly Willmott NUS President Picture