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To: Vice Chancellor John Dewar

La Trobe: Support for Global Climate Strike Sept 20

We, the staff and students of La Trobe University, support the call from the Global School Student Climate Strike movement for a worldwide day of action on Friday, 20 September.

We call upon La Trobe to join thousands of higher education institutions globally by formally recognising our climate emergency.

We urge the La Trobe leadership to declare a stoppage of all activities on the 20 September to allow staff and students to join the climate strike demonstration and seek assurance that no one will be penalised for stopping work or missing class to attend.

Why is this important?

Given our current trajectory towards devastating climate change, and the complacency of our national government, it is now crucial that public institutions like La Trobe University take the lead on this social justice and human rights crisis.

We owe it to Indigenous people, who are already suffering from destruction and theft of country, lack of clean water and extreme weather. We owe it to all people, habitats and living creatures currently suffering from the impacts of climate change. We owe it to future generations. There is no more important social impact our university can make.

The demands of the Climate Strike are urgent climate action, including: a transition to 100% renewable energy, no new coal or gas projects, and massive public investment in a just transition to a decarbonised economy; Indigenous people, fossil fuel workers, developing nations and all communities on the front line of the climate crisis must be prioritised in this transition.

By declaring a stoppage of all activities on 20 September, La Trobe will be an international symbol for how we must act in response to our climate crisis.




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