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To: La Trobe University

La Trobe University: Stand Up for Students!

La Trobe University don't think that this semester will have a massive impact on our grades and WAM... but it will.

We ask La Trobe University to adopt Adelaide University's WAM and grading model for Semester 1 2020.

After final grades are released, students should be able to opt in to have any or all of their passing grades converted to a ‘non-graded pass’, which will not count towards their WAM.

This means that if you perform poorly due to COVID-19, your average is not affected. Additionally, ‘fail’ grades should become withdrawals - again not included in WAM calculations.

Lastly, a ‘results pending’ grade can be used when components of courses are postponed due to COVID-19 (e.g. if you were unable to complete a compulsory placement).

Why is this important?

Importantly, online learning does not favour the majority of students for a number of reasons.

Our zooms have been crashing, many of our seminars and tutorials are reduced to online forums, attendance is low, and pracs and labs can't take place. Simply, we aren't receiving the same level of education - how can we be expected to receive the same grades?

Although no one could have foreseen COVID-19 occurring, La Trobe University need to account for the difficult circumstances we now find ourselves in. We need fair policies regarding WAM and grading - and we need them now!


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