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To: LNP Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner

Let’s put secure, local jobs first!

Sign our petition if you think we should be supporting local jobs and giving workers more job security.

Why is this important?

With COVID-19, there has never been a more important time for local workers to have a job they can rely on.

But time and time again we see the LNP Lord Mayor, Adrian Schrinner, contract Council work out to labour-hire companies instead of creating permanent in-house jobs

Casual jobs are insecure jobs. Casual workers have less rights and entitlements than permanent ones. This leads to exploitation.

We also see the LNP Council give multi-million dollar contracts to overseas companies, instead of awarding them to local manufacturers.

Just recently LNP Mayor Adrian Schrinner ordered electric buses from China and Switzerland.

He even orders playground equipment from overseas instead of sourcing locally-made.

The LNP sacked 55 in-house IT staff and replaced them with a contractor who exploited its workers.

Both the casualisation of Council’s workforce and the snubbing of local manufacturers needs to STOP to ensure we have more local jobs and that Brisbane workers have rights, entitlements, and job security.

Sign the petition if you agree.
Brisbane QLD, Australia

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