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To: Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews

Local Steel for Local Projects - Keep your promise Premier Andrews, ditch the Chinese steel

Ensure that 92% of the steel used on the West Gate Tunnel Project is local steel.

Why is this important?

In the lead up to the 2018 Victorian Election, Premier Daniel Andrews guaranteed that 92% of the steel used on local projects would be local steel. Local steel means local manufacturing jobs. Andrews has gone back on that local content pledge on the West Gate Tunnel project, with the announcement that the tunnel builder will import 33,000 tonnes of Chinese steel for the project. This is not what Victorians voted for and Premier Andrews needs to reverse this.


Reasons for signing

  • Help keep jobs in Australia by signing this petition. They Whyalla Steel Mill is the last one in Australia & employs 25% of the town of Whyalla, there is no need to import 33000t of steel from China.
  • I signed this petition because of the need to retain jobs, skill and manufacturing base in this country. I have personally seen the disruption caused to one bridge project due to the discovery of inferior and defective material sourced from China. John Holland should be held liable and made to comply with the terms of their contract, the state government should be enforcing the terms of the contract.
  • Chinese steel is inferior to Australian steel and cost cutting not only costs jobs it will also cost lives. May Daniel be the first to go.


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