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To: Senator Chris Ketter - Chairman, Senate Corporate Tax Avoidance Inquiry

Make Exxon Pay tax in Australia!

We are sick of corporate greed in Australia. We are sick of major corporations dodging their taxes.

We call on you and your inquiry to:
• condemn ExxonMobil/Esso Australia for their unethical tax avoidance practices
• demand they start paying corporate income tax
• recommend legislative and regulatory change that will crack down on corporate tax avoidance, particularly by multinational corporations like Exxon

Why is this important?

ExxonMobil is a global gas giant with oil and gas operations across Australia. Exxon has not paid a cent in corporate income tax in three years, despite reporting $24.8 billion in revenue.

ExxonMobil uses tax havens, related party loans to its sister companies and highly-criticised internal marketing charges to minimize its tax bill to zero. What Exxon is doing may be legal as the laws stand – but it is also very wrong.

We all pay our taxes. On wages, food, fuel and even the energy and gas bills that Exxon has become rich from. But the world’s 6th largest company thinks they are different – that they are above paying tax in Australia like the rest of us.

Every time a major company like Exxon cheats us by not paying any tax, we all have to cover the shortfall. Imagine what kind of schools, hospitals, roads and bridges we could build if companies like Exxon paid their fair share.




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