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To: Linh, owner of Monga Dessert Lounge

Monga Lounge, Pay Up!

Monga Lounge, Pay Up!

All workers, including international students, deserve a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

But when two international students waited tables and cooked meals at a restaurant in Box Hill called Monga Dessert Lounge, their boss Linh paid them as little as $10 an hour. No penalty rates and no overtime pay. No payslips. And she threatened them when they raised these issues.

The Migrant Workers Centre has estimated that Linh has stolen nearly $200,000 from the two students. She refuses to admit any wrongdoing.

Sign this petition to let let Linh know she can’t run her business by ripping off her workers.

Why is this important?

International students and all migrant workers are being ripped off far too often by dodgy employers.

This is just a taste of what bosses should expect if they steal from international students and all other migrant workers including refugees, asylum seekers, working holidaymakers and temporary visa holders.

It's stories like this that prove why we need to change the rules to stop endemic wage theft and stop dodgy bosses from ripping off all workers.


Reasons for signing

  • I was graduated at a University in America. Last month I decided to come to this country with my working holiday Visa. I signed because I was forced to work 14 a day 6 days per week at a Chinese restaurant with 10$ aud per hour without any break time. That's a lot of these restaurant in Melbourne city.


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