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To: Australian Retailers

Nazis are cooked - Don't stock Pete Evans

Over 6000 people signed this petition calling on Kmart, Target, Big W, Dymocks and David Jones to stop stocking Pete Evans books by Christmas. Thanks to you and so many others taking a stand, he’s now been dropped by those retailers, by his publisher, by Coles and Woolworths, he’s been axed from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, and his homewares have been pulled from most stores.

Safe to say, the community has sent a strong message about their expectations.

Target, Kmart, Big W, David Jones and Dymocks need to commit to removing all Pete Evans cookbooks from shelves before Christmas.

On the 15th of November, writer and chef Pete Evans posted a Neo-Nazi image to his public facebook page, and has refused to explain why he posted it. This comes after months of Evans sharing pro-Donald Trump content, and conspiracy theories related to Covid-19.

Channel 7 has already dropped Pete Evans because of this behaviour, but three of his cookbooks are still stocked at Target, Kmart, Big W, David Jones and Dymocks. While they can be purchased, all of these brands are tacitly supporting someone who refuses to deny being a Neo-Nazi.

Why is this important?

For months Pete Evans has been sharing Covid-19 conspiracy theories and pro-Donald Trump content. It's well known that Evans has been drifting further to the extreme right, and this drift was epitomised on Sunday when he shared an image implying it was normal and natural for Trump supporters to evolve into Neo-Nazis.

Given Pete Evans is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump, it has to be asked, why would he believe it is natural for Trump supporters to become Neo-Nazis?

The image contained a butterfly bearing the Black Sun insignia, a Nazi image that was popularised in post-Nazi Germany. It was worn by the Christchurch shooter when he open-fired on a Mosque, killing 51 people.

In the lead up to Christmas, there will be a rush of people buying gifts for friends and family. We've all grabbed a cookbook from Kmart as a last minute gift for a hard to buy for family member. The community would expect that this simple act of rushed gift buying wouldn't result in them funding a Neo-Nazi conspiracy theorist.

Reasons for signing

  • Pete Evans’ posts a typical narcissist non-apology - that is, when you apologise on behalf of the people you have offended, for their lack of understanding: “Sincere apologies to anyone who misinterpreted”. This guy, with his anti-vax dark ages black magic pseudo-science fake health views, is a disgrace.
  • That isn't merely a neo-Nazi symbol, that is a Nazi symbol that was a favourite of Himmler (head of the SS) - he used it throughout his HQ.
  • I am an immunisation nurse (as part of my nursing role) and I am sick of hearing this uneducated man (who may well once have been a decent chef) give “health advice” he is not qualified to give. And when it comes to supporting a complete lunatic like Donald Trump, who doesn’t “believe” in the coronavirus pandemic, and incorporating Nazi symbolism into his propaganda, it’s more than time for everyone to take action and ban his work.


2020-11-17 18:22:04 +1100

Petition is successful with 6,127 signatures

2020-11-17 14:55:20 +1100

David Jones have just confirmed that they will be removing all Pete Evans titles, effective from today!

2020-11-17 09:38:06 +1100

Big W have now confirmed that they will be removing Pete Evans' books from today, we are still waiting for confirmation from Kmart, Target and David Jones.

2020-11-17 00:05:33 +1100

5,000 signatures reached

2020-11-16 17:49:24 +1100

Incredible news! Pete Evans has been dumped by his publisher, and Dymocks has confirmed that they will no longer stock his books. One retailer down, four to go!

2020-11-16 13:57:59 +1100

1,000 signatures reached

2020-11-16 13:28:55 +1100

500 signatures reached