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To: Leader of the Opposition, Peter Dutton MP

No Future for Nuclear

We don't want dangerous and expensive reactors polluting our environment and endangering our communities. 

Nuclear energy is the least cost effective solution for our energy needs. Why is Peter Dutton spending time on a plan to INCREASE our energy bills?

Nuclear energy is also TWENTY YEARS away from generating energy in Australia. We need renewable energy solutions and good energy jobs.

Bottom line - Australians don't want dangerous nuclear waste being transported through our communities, or nuclear disasters leaking cancer-causing chemicals into our environment. 

Peter Dutton - abandon your dangerous and expensive nuclear folly.

Why is this important?

We all know why Peter Dutton and his fossil fuel mates are pushing for nuclear power. To protect their profits by stalling our transition to renewable energy. Nuclear power will take decades to get up and running and will be extremely expensive - it is the most expensive option for Australia's energy.

As a community we must show Peter Dutton that Nuclear has no future in Australia.

Please sign and share the petition to show Peter Dutton and the Liberals that Australia rejects nuclear.




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