To: NT Government

Our ambulance service is in crisis. Bring it back to public hands!

On a 41 degree day in Alice Springs, an elderly lady tripped on an ant hill and broke her hip. She had to wait on the ground for hours in the sweltering heat for an ambulance to arrive.

Her story is just one of many in the Northern Territory ambulance crisis taking place right now.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Northern Territory ambulance service is currently privately run. It’s one of just two privately run ambulance services in the whole country.

Right now, the Government is conducting an enquiry into the service and considering “what a modern ambulance service looks like”, which includes considering its future as a private service.

We know that privatisation doesn't work. And we know that in every other state with public ambulance services, response times are faster and ambos are happier.

Now is the time time to bring it back to public hands and create a better service for all - for the safety of Territorians, and our ambos.

Why is this important?

Ambos are one of Australia's most trusted professions, and most of us in the NT think that St John can’t properly resource their vital service.

Every single day, we are experiencing delays due to inadequate resources - leaving sick and injured patients waiting. Even the highest emergencies sometimes wait hours. This is especially bad when shifts are regularly dropped, and areas are left unstaffed.

A high quality ambulance service needs high quality ambos, but with St John, there is not a positive work culture and most of us don't see a career pathway with St John. This is on top of an already existing staffing crisis in a service that cannot meet demand.

Training for ambos to do their jobs properly (and advance their skills in line with the rest of the country) is inadequate, so many of us leave to go elsewhere.

It's time to fix response times, instead of focusing on brand reputation. That's why ambos are saying it's time for the service to be made public.

Many of us already have experience working in states where there is a public ambulance service, and have seen the huge difference in service delivery, patient care, and work culture.

Without a public ambulance service, Territorians and ambos will continue to suffer with a substandard ambulance system. We all deserve better.

Reasons for signing

  • Emergency care cannot be run as a business - it causes inadequate resources at times of peak need and burns out staff
  • Recent 2hr wait for ambulance
  • To support the ambulance service.


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