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Pay And We Go: Stop UWA's transition to PAYG

UWA has recently announced changes to parking that will see the permit system replaced with pay-as-you-go parking. We are disappointed in the lack of communication and consultation with students around these changes. Students are already paying tens of thousands of dollars to study at UWA, and getting to campus shouldn't be a barrier to getting the education you're paying for.

Why is this important?

The detrimental effects of PAYG have been felt at other campuses, such as Curtin. 83% of Curtin students surveyed in 2019 believed that PAYG pricing was not student friendly. A movement to this system will disproportionately affect students from low-SES backgrounds, non-metro areas, and those with high attendance requirements.

We call on UWA to reconsider their decision and demand accessible and equitable parking options for all.



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