To: Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria

10 years overdue - Portable Long Service Leave for SACS workers

We’re calling on the Andrews Government to legislate for a portable long service leave scheme for community service workers this year.

Workers in the social and community services (SACS) sector can work a lifetime and never actually receive long service leave. Due to the character of the community sector – from the way it’s funded to the stresses of work – workers in the sector frequently change jobs. We often stay in the sector, just with a different employer. When we do this we often lose. This is especially the case for our long service leave entitlements.

Social and community services workers need a portable long service leave system. We need to be able to take our accumulated years of service to other employers within the sector as we change jobs, no different to workers in other industries, or even community sector workers in the ACT. Only through a legislated portable long service leave scheme will we ever be able to access our long service leave, which until now has been too far out of reach.

We’ve been asking for ten years.
We’ve been asking for so long that our request is now due for long service.
We’re sick of waiting.

Why is this important?

SACS workers deliver services aimed at helping family violence survivors, providing help to people with alcohol and drug issues, as well as working to help youth in residential care and individuals overcoming mental health problems, among many other services.

It is a sector that is underfunded, where the demand for services is endless and in which we are responsible for the well-being of the most vulnerable Victorians. Despite the importance of our work, the pay is low, there are few promotional opportunities and we deal daily with the stresses contact with clients in personal crisis inevitably brings.

The State Government has commissioned a feasibility study to look into a portable long service leave scheme for social and community service workers. This government has the opportunity to make our lives a little bit easier. Please add your name in support of our campaign that will care for the carers.

Reasons for signing

  • This is already a low paid sector with poor tenure of positions. This means employment is commonly fragmented. With entitlements not portable this compromises retirement funding and quality of life hugely. It is a false economy anyway as we then become a burden on the welfare system in retirement. Atrocious that this has not been sorted out many years ago.
  • because our contracts are always short term due to funding structures
  • Portable long service in the SACS sector is important especially now as people are now being put on time limited contracts


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Thank you to those that have taken the time to sign, please consider sharing with your networks to raise the profile of this important petition. If you’re working in the industry and not yet a member of the ASU then now is the time to join: We need everyone’s combined support to get this across the line. Over the next few weeks members will be invited to mass meetings to discuss next steps required to secure the long overdue sector wide, compulsory, legislated portable long service leave scheme in Victoria.

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