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To: State Parliament

Portable Long Service Leave for Tasmanian workers

HACSU, ASU and UWU are calling on the State Parliament to legislate for a Portable Long Service Leave Scheme (PLSLS) for workers in disability and community services, aged care, contract cleaning and security.

For too long, workers in these industries who have had to change employers - often outside of their choice - have been disadvantaged by losing their Long Service Leave entitlements. It's time these workers have a PLSLS like most of their colleagues in other states do and like construction workers in Tasmania, who have had it for many years.

Why is this important?

A PLSL scheme means that a worker's LSL entitlements follow them between different employers within the same sector, rather than an employee having to start from zero every time they move employment.

Unions have been campaigning a PLSLS for workers in certain industries for a long time.

Before the State Election, we reached out to most political parties and independents, urging them to support a PLSLS. Excitingly, a majority of those elected have already pledged their support for the scheme. They include the Labor Party with 10 members, the Greens with 5 members, the Jacqui Lambie Party with 3 members, and independents David O'Byrne and Kristie Johnston. That totals 20 votes out of 35. 

Now, we need to rally the support of workers and the community for the scheme so we can hold the elected representatives to account and ensure the Legislative Council passes it, turning it into a reality for workers.

So please sign the petition, share it on socials and encourage your colleagues, family members and friends to sign it too. 
Tasmania, Australia

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