To: Steven Blake - Operations Manager PPG Villawood


PPG - the makers of household paint brands Taubmans, Bristol and Whiteknight, have locked out their workers instead of facing them at the bargaining table.

Why is this important?

My name is Robert Byrne and I'm an employee at PPG paints. Every year my workmates and I make PPG paint a lot of money, which has made them very rich and successful.

We have been breaking production records but now that we're bargaining for our new Agreement PPG has decided to use their success and money to try and take money and conditions from us.

Instead of negotiating with us fairly, PPG have decided to lock us out.

That’s why I’ve started this petition to show PPG that denying workers the right to work is unfair and in bad spirit.

Stand with us and show your support by signing this petition now.

I believe that every worker should be able to enjoy a fair work/life balance to spend quality time with their family - that’s all that we are asking for.

This heartless action by PPG means my family is missing out on my essential income. PPG is a multi-million dollar company - they should be bargaining in good faith, not denying our families their bread at the table.

Together, we can send a powerful message to PPG: Stop the bully- boy tactics, look us in the eye and negotiate – that’s what any reasonable employer would do.

Sign our petition to show your support!

Reasons for signing

  • Workers rights for fair bargaining.
  • We had bargaining and our wage was increased, and I think PPG paint should do the same. Everything has gone up.
  • PPG are a disgusting ruthless place to work for, and have a totally lack of disregard for their workers. So glad my husband quit working for this company. The owners and managers of PPG should all be disgusted with how they are ruining their workers lives and the lives of their family members.


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