To: Moonee Valley City Council

Protect Home Care Services

We, the undersigned, petition Council to maintain and continue to deliver quality in home support services for our frail and elderly residents. We urge Council to continue direct delivery of this vital community service providing care from Council workers to vulnerable and older residents in their homes.

Why is this important?

Council’s direct delivery of vital community services protects our vulnerable and older residents in their homes. Victorian local government has a proud history of leading the country in delivering quality services into homes in this area and it must be maintained.

Right now, Moonee Valley Council is considering abandoning our older residents and outsourcing the service.

Any moves to cease direct delivery of this service would have the following consequences:

- Reduced provision, lower quality and consistency of care to clients;
- Displacement of workers in secure, well paid, well supervised work within your local community;
- No minimum qualification requirements, where vulnerable clients will be forced to allow potentially untrained providers into their homes, leaving them significantly vulnerable to abuse;
- Loss of a holistic assessment client needs and coordinated or escalated service delivery or referral to match the changing needs of clients;
- Loss of integrated services due to lack of participation of private providers in local partnerships, networks and alliances.


Reasons for signing

  • home care is integral to the dignity of and quality of life for many moonee valley residents, and to abandon the workforce that that has done this is a dereliction too great to forgive for