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To: The Star Casino Sydney

Star Casino Sydney - Protect our penalty rates!

Like many of my team members at the Star Casino in Sydney, I rely on penalty rates to make ends meet.

That's why the Fair Work Commission's shocking decision yesterday to slash penalty rates for some of Australia's lowest paid workers has scared so many of us at the Star - if it's passed on to us, that's a pay cut we can't afford and don't deserve.

But as we know, the Star Sydney is a good employer - and we're currently about to start bargaining our new enterprise agreement with them and our union United Voice.

So we're asking the Star to protect our penalty rates in our EA 2017 - if you think this is important, please sign, so we can show the Star management how crucial penalty rates are for workers like us.

Why is this important?

I'm a single mum - working the unusual hours that I do means I miss out on precious time with my kids. Penalty rates help to compensate me for the sacrifices I make.

My story isn't unusual - every team member at the Star has missed out on friends' weddings, parents' birthdays, or tucking their kid in at night because of the hours we work.

There's no doubt we deserve our penalty rates - so please sign to help show the Star Sydney that we want them protected in our upcoming EA!




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