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To: Epic Pharmacy

Protect Patient Safety!

Stop the cuts to staff wages and conditions at Epic, including:
• Removing senior level pharmacists roles
• Refusing to make paid maternity leave enforceable under an EBA
• Cutting long service from 13 weeks to 8.6 (the legal minimum)
• Cutting call back pay from 3 hours to 2 hours
• Cutting all training and development pay, including study leave
• Cutting call back rate for public holidays from 4 hours to 2 hours
• Cutting early and night time penalties by changing ordinary hours of work
• Refusing to acknowledge and enforce access to qualifications allowances under an EBA
• Reduce workplace consultation to the legal minimum
• Reduced access to the Fair Work Commission to assist resolving workplace disputes
• Cutting rights for union members, and the rights of delegates to represent members

Why is this important?

Hospital pharmacists provide essential services to our community. Removing senior levels from the hospital means patients won’t have access to experienced pharmacists. Patients rely heavily on senior pharmacists to provide advice and get dosages right – it’s just wrong to compromise these patients and penalise staff by cutting their working conditions and pay.


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  • The more the stronger


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