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To: Qantas

Qantas - Stop the Rocky Ripoff

The cost of flying between Brisbane and Rockhampton has soared to ridiculous levels - regularly passing $600 return (and often much more). This hurts local families, businesses and the CQ economy. As an airline that made a $1.59 billion profit last year, Qantas can afford to reduce the cost of travel, either by reducing fares, adding additional services or bringing Jetstar back to Rocky.

Why is this important?

The high cost of flying to and from Rockhampton hurts everyone in our community. While fares can be found for under $200 for those able to book well in advance, the small number of services between Rocky and Brisbane mean there aren't enough fairly-priced seats to go around, which pushes many people onto more expensive travel classes.

This is a major problem for many in our community - from locals that need to travel south for family emergencies to businesses that need to fly to Brisbane or interstate for work. It also makes it harder to attract businesses and people to our region, which hurts our local economy.

While Rocky is also serviced by Virgin, which could also do more to reduce fares, Qantas is in the strong position to act, given its $1.59 billion profit.

Qantas has also already moved to lower fares out of remote airports like Moranbah so we only ask they extend their focus to Rockhampton.



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