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To: Graham Mitchell Founder of Lite n' Easy

Respect our reps! Reinstate Henare!

Thanks to your support in signing our petition to reinstate Henare, a Lite n’ Easy union delegate stood down during bargaining, the company have backed down.

Henare is now back at work, and is able to keep speaking up for union rights and a fair deal.

We work so we can plan a life for ourselves and our families, and make contributions to our communities. We all need a job we can count on to do this.

Thank you for standing up for jobs we can count on at Lite n’ Easy, so we can work in our union for a fair deal for every worker.

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We’re in continuing discussions with the company about the conditions on Henare’s return to work. We’ll let you know if we need help to fix it.

Respect our reps! Reinstate Henare!

a. Reinstate Henare Paora, NUW Delegate immediately!
b. Respect all bargaining representatives during pay negotiations and stop targeting them!
c. Bargain in good faith!

Why is this important?

A job you can count on is important to everyone in our community.

Every worker should be treated with respect and be able to speak up for union rights and a fair deal.

Henare, one of our delegates at Lite n' Easy, has been stood down from work and asked to leave immediately with no written reasons.

This happened only 2 days after standing up for a fair pay rise.

Members are hard-working, but would struggle to afford the products that the company make without a fair pay rise.

As a company focused on family, and healthy living, Lite n' Easy management have put undue stress on Henare and his family. Members' rights to stand up for a fair deal should be respected, and it is unacceptable that workers are intimidated for working collectively.

We work so we can plan a life for ourselves and our families, and make contributions to our communities. We all need a job we can count on to do this.

Having worked at Lite n' Easy for 5 years, Henare's a valuable member of the team and active NUW Delegate.

To restore faith in the pay negotiation process, it's important that Henare is immediately reinstated and that further targeting and attacks on staff for speaking up stop!


Reasons for signing

  • Got your back ow cuz, hope this gets resolved quickly and more importantly fairly. Good luck!
  • I signed as I hate bullying and hassassment of workers by management.
  • I and my wife have used and recommended use of Lite'n'easy for many years; it is grossly disgusting that the firm is an alleged victimizer of union reps. How can anyone think people have enough disposable income to buy product like L'n'E if the free market ideologues continue to discourage collective rights for their workers. No more orders from me until this bullying is fixed.


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