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To: Mark Cutifani - CEO Anglo American

Reinstate the German Creek 46

Reinstate the 46 workers at the German Creek coal mine that you made redundant for daring to fight for job security and negotiate fairly to improve job security at the mine.

Mark Cutifani - do the right thing.

Why is this important?

Right now 46 workers from the German Creek coal mine have been made redundant just before Christmas. Many are even facing a new year without homes. They need your help.

The workers were fighting for increased job security in a town that is experiencing an unemployment crisis. In order to show who is boss — their employer Anglo American made 46 union members redundant.

For 100 days these workers have been involved in legal industrial action fighting for steady jobs and improved mine safety. But Anglo decided to sack 46 of these workers — all union members — and replace them with labour hire workers on far reduced pay and conditions.

Many of the sacked miners have not only lost their jobs but have lost their homes as well. Anglo owns the houses they have called home for years and now wants them out two days after Christmas. Many of these families have their kids enrolled in the local schools for next year!

Central Queensland is undergoing an unemployment crisis and this will make things worse. The way Anglo American is behaving is unAustralian.

You can also visit the Steady Jobs website of the CFMEU- Mining and Energy union who are campaigning to protect mining jobs from this increased insecurity.

Reasons for signing

  • Simple. I could be next. Or it could be my brother, relative, mate. This needs to stop now
  • It is time for all workers to again stand as one against a Federal government and the multinationals who act without conscience to take away security of work and our right to respect and expect equality in the workplace
  • Jobs are important


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