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To: Dear Councillor

Reinstate Workers at Maroondah Council

Reinstate Workers at Maroondah Council

I am deeply concerned by Maroondah Council’s failure to support their staff through the COVID-19 crisis and make a genuine effort in finding alternate work. Around 480 council employees have been impacted by their decision to stand down their workers.

Minister for Local Government Adem Somyurek has urged local councils to maintain staff. I want my Councillors to demonstrate support for their community; providing redeployment for staff who have been stood down or forced to take personal leave.

Many Local Authorities have made efforts to redeploy these staff to other important tasks. Maroondah Council has shown disregard for the wellbeing of their employees by standing them down.

I urge you to support these workers and ask that your council allow them to do meaningful, alternative work that is available, rather than abandon them at this incredibly difficult time.

Why is this important?

Maroondah Council stood down workers without consultation with the ASU and in some cases, no consultation with the employees affected.

Those impacted have provided a list of meaningful work tasks that could be performed, but disappointingly, these have been rejected by Maroondah Council management, prolonging the time these employees remain unsupported.

The vast majority of Local Authorities have supported their staff by redeploying them into tasks similar to those presented to Maroondah Council. We urge Maroondah council not to abandon those who provide support, education and entertainment to the community any further.


Reasons for signing

  • we need to support all workers.
  • Not fair that they stood workers down during COVID19!


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