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To: Ryan Cochran ( ATOMIC Industry - The HAMB, Garage Journal & Ford Barn Forums).

Remove FRAUD listing on the HAMB.

Remove FRAUD listing on the HAMB.

On the HAMB Ryan Cochran has listed Simon Muntzs' Street Rods & Accessories as a fraud after his identity was stolen. A legal request was ignored. The listing affects not only this business but suppliers and customers. His reputation as a supplier of parts goes back thirty years. Simon's Identity was stolen and the fraud listing is one that has not been removed.
Simon is well known and well liked on many formats in the industry for his honesty and help so the listing on the HAMB, Garage Journal and Ford Barn forums needs to be removed.
Further to this a listing on Reverse Australia about his mobile -cell phone number has been edited after it was reported after the number was used to transmit the Australian Tax Office Scam Have a look at the link and see how it was dealt with (may only be visible to those in Australia). Two reports have been made to the Australian Federal Police on Identity theft. Evidence has been added here as the RACV membership information was not correct and had been changed by the serial stalker.

Why is this important?

The actions posts on the forums have shown the Administration has no care for the welfare of people who have supported and abided by the forum rules. These actions have also shown these forums do not protect the members. Other forums have far more protective measures in place to protect members. Duplicates of the forums have verified how easy it is for members to have private information stolen that aids identity theft. If you have signed this please help us and ask others to sign this as well. Thank you.

How it will be delivered

email or have them posted to the forums.



2022-04-05 12:58:22 +1000

Police have verified a serial stalker has been responsible for much of this. TESTRA and RACV have been included in the issues going on and the RACV has as yet not resloved the Simon's membership issues due to the stalker. His membership details had been changed with out his knowledge. To date many have canned the HAMB forum along with the Garage Journal and Ford Barn forums for not protecting a valued member of those sites. The HAMB has even been called an out-of-focus brag board for not protecting members.

2021-12-30 17:40:49 +1100

25 signatures reached

2021-12-16 14:53:55 +1100

10 signatures reached

2021-12-11 11:20:20 +1100

I was advised about the cell phone issue and reports made to the Police and have updated that information as you can see that online and how it has been edited.