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To: Defence Minister Hon. Richard Marles MP

Cleaners at the Australian Submarine Complex deserve AT LEAST the minimums

The cleaners who keep our defence manufacturing bases clean and secure are currently not even receiving the minimums they should be entitled to.

Cleaners at the Osborne Naval Shipyard in Adelaide clean all the office building, production areas and workers amenities on the expanding site but have been working for private contractors since the 1980s.

They now work under Compass Group and are paid under the Hospitality Award rather than the Cleaning Award and as a result are missing out on thousands of dollars in allowances and penalties.

Why is this important?

The Federal Government as the owner of the business has a responsibility to do better. It's in the interest of hard working cleaners but it's also in the national interest that the folks who are working at sensitive sites are being looked after and respected.

Let the Defence Minister it's not good enough - sign the petition today.

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