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To: Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC) and Sodexo

Respect cleaners and pay them fairly!

United Workers Union

Cleaners deserve and need a fair pay deal. Their wages shouldn't be lining the pockets of a company that is already raking in tens of millions of dollars in profit.

Yet the Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC) and cleaning contractor Sodexo both think it's okay to rip off hard-working cleaners. Both believe paying them LESS than the Cleaning Services Award is okay.

Tell the ASC and Sodexo to respect the cleaners and pay them fairly - sign the petition.

Why is this important?

At ASC, daytime cleaners who are employed part-time copped a 15% wage cut, whilst those doing shift work saw a slash of 21%.

The ASC awarded its cleaning contract to Sodexo six years ago. This contractor offered ASC a price based on Hospitality Award wages - not the Cleaning Services Award.

This is despite ASC's huge profits - last financial year, it pocketed $22.5 million after tax!

Now cleaners are fighting back and demanding a fair pay deal. Stand with them by signing the petition.




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