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To: Landlord and Building Manager at 469 La Trobe Street

Respect us, not replace us.

A contract change at 469 La Trobe Street meant that seven of our cleaning members with decades of experience between them were going to be out of a job come October 1 – set to be replaced by a brand new cleaning workforce.

It was unjust and unfair. So our members stood up.

On Thursday night they received news that every single one of them will be redeployed to other buildings across Melbourne, they all get to keep their jobs and with the same pay and conditions. WIN.

Join United Voice for good, secure jobs:

It’s a disgrace that we can be thrown on the scrap heap for no good reason.

Tell the landlord and building manager to insist the new cleaning company, Elite Property Care, respect us, not replace us.

Why is this important?

We are the cleaners at 469 La Trobe Street.

Between us, we have decades of experience keeping your building clean and safe.

But we’ve just been told that we are out of a job because the new cleaning company Elite Property care wants to replace us.

Questions for the building manager?

If you’ve got more to say, send your concerns to the building manager, CBRE, via Peter Starsunn, National Operations Manager at [email protected].




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