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To: Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Premier

Restore flexible work: Let dads pickup kids from school

The CFMEU is calling upon Gladys Berejiklian to honour the NSW Government's commitment to family friendly flexible work practices and direct the Ministry of Health to continue allowing Craig and Cameron Zammit, two brothers that are painters at Liverpool Hospital, to continue finishing work at 2:30pm so that they can pickup their children from school.

NSW Health has indicated that these painters, after eight years of finishing at 2:30pm, will be required to stay at work until 3:30pm as of January. This will stop them from being able to pickup their children and will cause them significant hardship.

Why is this important?

Everyday the CFMEU fights for the rights of workers. The union is committed to ensuring the safety of its members and ensuring that its members receive fair pay and conditions. The Union is committed to ensuring that all workers have equal access to rights and entitlements in accordance with the law.

Craig and Cameron Zammit are committed dads and between them have 5 children, some at primary school. For the last eight years they have been picking up their children after school. Now, as a result of new management at Liverpool Hospital, they're being told that painters finishing at 2:30pm is incompatible with their job, despite working under these arrangements for eight years. This isn't fair. Family is everyone's responsibility and Craig and Cameron just want the opportunity to be there for their children.




2017-04-21 10:44:30 +1000

Thank you to all who supported this campaign. We can report we have negotiated a fantastic outcome for the Zammit's and they will be able to continue to pick up their kids from school.
This has been a great win for these men but also a fantastic win for all parents who are trying to manage their home lives with work.

Paul Connell
Proud to be union
Proud to be CFMEU
Fair flexible hours for working dad

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