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To: Ali Cupper MP Mildura

Return Trains to Mildura-Mallee Line

This campaign has ended.

For 28 years the people in the North West region of Victoria have been discriminated against in not having a family-friendly, publicly-subsidised passenger train. In this new COVID-normal, a Maryborough-Mildura passenger train is urgently needed to bring an influx of people (tourists, families, holiday makers, workers/backpackers, etc.) – in a COVID-safe transport mode, and in fare-subsidised numbers - to our Mallee and Mildura economies.

Why is this important?

Our Mallee and Mildura retail, hospitality, accommodation and events industries are the main employers in our rural economies and desperately need an inflow of people as both consumers and workers. This dire economic situation completely alters the previous exclusive mantra that freight and products must be prioritised to the exclusion of a direct and affordable public transport of people. People have suddenly become the most pressing commodity for the survival of many businesses. People also need the affordable family connectivity that in turn would attract tree-changers.

Victoria, Australia

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