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To: The Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison

We need a safe climate with secure union jobs

Australian workers need a safe climate with secure jobs.

Australia's lack of climate action under the Morrison government means we are being left behind in the fight for a safe future.

We need our politicians to step up. Australian workers need a climate plan with ambition, and a plan for a just transition. At the end of 2021 there will be a United Nations climate summit and Australia needs to show the rest of the world that Australia is serious about taking action.

That means stronger 2030 targets for pollution reduction, a plan to get to net zero emissions and a national just transition plan with funding and support for workers and communities impacted both by the climate crisis and by a shift to cleaner technologies.

Why is this important?

Workers are stepping up to face the climate crisis by reducing emissions in our workplaces and communities, creating new clean energy industries, responding on the frontlines to extreme weather like bushfires, heatwaves and floods; and dealing with the impact that climate change is having on every job.

But under the Morrison Government, Australia is being left behind. Without a genuine plan to cut pollution and ensure a just transition for workers and communities in the shift to net zero emissions, Australia will be left behind as the world embraces new clean technologies and industries.

Australia led the world in responding to COVID. Now we need to flatten the curve on greenhouse pollution, and rebuild better with investments in new low carbon industries and quality, secure union jobs.

Prime Minister, please act now by getting serious about responding to the climate crisis, embracing clean energy jobs and supporting workers and communities in the shift to net zero emissions.

How it will be delivered

Unionists will be delivering this petition to Scott Morrison prior to the United Nations climate summit at the end of 2021.

Reasons for signing

  • Everyone must do what they can to pressure the government to act within a global framework of positive action on climate change.
  • We are systematically destroying our planet. It must stop otherwise future generations face a bleak future.
  • We need to act now for a safer future.


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2021-04-26 09:24:54 +1000

Thanks for signing all. Last week you might have seen the Morrison Government trying to talk up their climate credentials at the Biden Climate Summit. They seriously stretched the truth in their attempts to look better. The Guardian analyses their claims here:

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