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To: Paul Fletcher, Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts

Save Jobs at Opera Australia

We request the Parliament and the Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts to urgently assist and support the musicians, singers, technical and manufacturing employees of Opera Australia, and all those who look to the company as the exemplar of Australian performing arts companies.

The announcement by Opera Australia management in late August to cut more than 40% of their permanent, seasonal and casual staff, including musicians, singers, technical and manufacturing employees, at the height of a pandemic and the deepest recession in living memory, threatens to destroy the company.

Why is this important?

We need urgent financial assistance to the company and the intervention of the Minister to ensure the company maintains its responsibility as the producer of world class opera in Australia. The company is in receipt of JobKeeper wage subsidies for all employees and is in regular receipt of Government funding. It is an unnecessary and unconscionable step to cut staff.


Reasons for signing

  • Great orchestras and opera companies take generations to build. Once lost, they are lost forever. Abroad, Sydney is identified by the Opera House. Without it’s companies it’s an empty shell.
  • Maybe we should just raise the Opera House to the ground and put a large football oval there. Then maybe the politicians would take notice! Come on Australia look after your artists and musicians! The world without music is a tragedy and opera is part of our cultural history.
  • What an absolute waste of all the talented people who have made Opera Australia what it is. A shortsighted and unwise move.


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