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To: Darebin Council

Save Our Bowlo!

We, the undersigned residents, call on Darebin Council to support the Preston Reservoir Bowls Club (the Club) through long-term leasing arrangements.

The Club has faced uncertainty for years due to failed leasing negotiations with Darebin Council. Since 2017, attempts to secure a long-term lease have fallen on deaf ears. Without this certainty, the Club cannot plan for necessary upgrades or a future vision for the Club.

Your petitioners strongly object to Council’s failure to commit to the Club’s longevity through a sensible leasing agreement.

Despite the uncertainty, the Club’s Volunteer Executive has successfully facilitated community participation and established an affordable space for social interaction, sport, and entertainment for all ages. Community programs include –
• Hosting the extremely popular music festival, Reservoir Stomp, and other community festivals
• Establishing an outdoor bar known as “The Shak” for their Summer Series live music events
• Providing free kids barefoot bowls
• Hosting private events for community members
• Introduced the Jack Attack program, encouraging non-bowling members of the community to get involved in a fun social competition.

Why is this important?

The Club provides an affordable space for community participation and connection, essential during the current cost-of-living pressures, which we know increases the risk of isolation, leading to greater social issues.

Both Federal and State governments have made financial contributions to the Club for infrastructure upgrades. It’s time Council got on board. We call on Council to join strong supporters, local MPs Ged Kearney and Sheena Watt, to invest in the Club by way of a long-term lease.

We, the undersigned residents of Darebin, urge Council to –
• Recognise the Preston Reservoir Bowls Club as a valued community asset
• Spare community assets like the Club from falling victim to Council’s financial bottom line
• Assure residents that the Club will not be sold for private development
• Demonstrate its commitment to community assets by investing in the Club through a long-term lease.
This is not a big ask. It is an opportunity for Council to demonstrate its commitment to residents of Darebin, and particularly the community of Reservoir.

This petition is proposed by – Mr Stephen King, Preston Reservoir Bowls Club, 75 Leamington St Reservoir.

Reservoir VIC 3073, Australia

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